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tiek (su dkt. vns.) so/that much ; (su dkt. dgs.) so many ; t. laiko so much time ; t. knygų so many books ; ne t., kiek praėjusį kartą not so much/many as last time ; t. pat kiek... as much/many as ...; dukart t. twice as much/many ; kita t., antra t. the same number/quantity as before ; as much/many again ; man liko kita t. perskaityti I have as much again to read ; man liko dar antra t. nueiti I have as far again to go ; jis ne t. pavargo, kiek išalko he is hungry rather than tired , he is more hungry than tired ; tai ne t. svarbu it is of no particular importance ; t. to! enough of that ! ; leave it at that !; let's drop it !; ir t. and that's all (there's to it) ; vis t. žr. vis; t. jį ir tematė he was gone in a flash , that was the last they saw of him ; jis juokiasi ir t. all he does is (to) laugh
vis always ; vis dėlto however , still , nevertheless , all the same , for all that ; vis tiek, vis viena it is all the same , it makes no difference ; jam vis tiek, ar ji eis ar ne it is all the same to him whether she goes or not ; jis vis tiek ateis he will come all the same ; vis dar still

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