Toks angliškai

toks such ; so (tik prieš bdv.); t. žmogus such a man , a man such as that , a man like that/him ; tokios knygos (kaip) such books (as these) , books such as these , books of this kind ; t. sunkus uždavinys such a difficult task , so difficult a task ; tokie faktai such facts ; visi jie tokie they are all the same ; tokios gilios mintys thoughts so profound ; t. pat (kaip) the same (as) ; t. pat didelis kaip... as big as ...; lygiai t. pat just the same , the very same ; jūs vis t. pat you are always the same , you haven't changed ; tai t. malonumas! it is such a pleasure ! ; jis t. protingas! he is such a clever man ; tokiu atveju in that case ; tokiu būdu thus , in that way , like that ; tokiu laipsniu to such an extent , to such a degree ; kas jie tokie? who are they ?; kas čia tokio? what of it ?; what is there so wonderful about it ? ; t. ir toks so- and-so ; (prieš dkt.) such-and-such ; tokią ir tokią valandą at such-and-such an hour ; tai tokios tokelės that's how matters stand

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